Undoing Cisco Cloud Connect Firmware

On June 26th Cisco pushed out a firmware update for their EA series wireless routers to enable support for some pretty neat cloud features.  Now you have remote access to your network and a slew of apps that increase the functionality of your router.

So what’s the problem? 

For starters this updated ( a totally new firmware) was pushed automatically.  Cisco did not provide the user a clear way to decline the firmware or revert to the previous version.  Further more they failed to train their own tech support team how to downgrade it either.

Secondly and much more egregious, Cisco failed to mention that Cloud Connect service give Cisco the right to track and sell your network traffic and Internet activity to third parties. Read more 

After spending wasting nearly 3 hours of my life on the phone with Cisco I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Warning: If you do not know basic router hardware & firmware configuration, get someone who does to help you.

You’ll need your router’s LAN IP address, username and password information, old Cisco Firmware and about 5 mins

Warning: If you do not know what all of the above items are close your browser window and get your techie friend to help you.

Download the firmware from Cisco

It’s called Classic EA Series Cisco Connect Firmware

Unplug the ethernet cable from the WAN port on your Cisco/Linksys router 

Open a web browser and type in the LAN address of your wireless router

Click on Connectivity from the menu options on the left.

The Firmware Update option will be on the right-hand side of the first tab.

Within the Manual box, click on the “Choose File” button

Browse to the file you downloaded the firmware to.

Once selected, click start.

Once your router is rolled back, you will need to log back into your router and disable automatic firmware updates or your router will upgrade again.

This option can be disabled by clicking on the Administrative tab and then the Firmware Upgrade sub-tab.

Save settings

Congrats your’ve regained the allusion of privacy on the web!

Armand Andrew Cerasani  born 4:12pm / 11.4lbs!

Armand Andrew Cerasani  born 4:12pm / 11.4lbs!

Dollar General Saved The Day

After making a stink about poor treatment via a tweet, blog post, Google map review, Facebook fan page comment & phone call I am happy to give props to DG for making things right. It was great to be contacted via email & phone and share my experience. So last night I went into the scene of the crime & received a full refund from the hand of the manager who vehemently refused just 3 days before.  

Good work Dollar General

Did this really just happen?

Just went to return a pair of boots that did not fit. The manager would not refund the money claiming that the item was not new. I asked him to see the return policy. THERE WAS NOTHING ABOUT THE ITEM BEING NEW IN THE RETURN POLICY, however he refused to return the item. He then waved the boots around while asking other customers in the line if they would buy the item. After I told him that was not professional he proceeded to call me cantankerous. Dollar General, is this customer service?